Loads to tell!!!'s been awhile since our last post and alot has taken place both locally and nationwide!!

With the "Black Lives Matter" movement and the Law enforcement still doing what they've done for years, it's a wonder things are not worse than they are right now!!

Then there is still COVID-19 going on. Why can't people stop thinking of just themselves and try for once to get this pandemic gone or at the very least, manageable until a vaccine is found.

But both of those situations are beyond our purview at this time. BUT.....we can try to put some happiness in others lives with new products and great customer service as we always have!!

We have several new items on site and we are trying new venues and ways to increase our customer base but it can't be done overnight. So like with this other stuff, we will have to be patient and put a smile on and try to carry on!!

We just got in these beautiful "Wonderland Magic World Blue Resin Crystal Rings" that are perfect for men and women!! The colors are so high def that they could make one the envy of others if one were not careful!!

At only $18.50, you can't go wrong!!

Made from highly polished resin and having the "poured on" look, it is magic on your very finger!!

These are very limited so get one while they last!!!!

Until next time we hope you take care of yourselves AND each other!!!



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