People are shopping on their smart phones: here's what you can do

As we move through this "Pandemic", I'm sure your all finding way to put your phones to work for you now!

That is one reason we have moved on to this new platform. For the ease of use and the security of buying on-line without fear of hackers and scam artists.

We offer the most secure checkout because we would expect nothing less is it were us on the buying end(and alot of times we are also!!!)

We also offer a mobile site specifically for smartphone use.

We want to help visitors explore more content so we are in the process of creating new and better categories. To make it easier to find what you want and get it to you faster!! For easy navigation, we try to keep category names short. So if you do have questions or concerns, PLEASE feel free to contact us. We value all input to help us make your life easier and our site better during this time as well as in the future!!!

Thanks for taking time to read this and we hope you will stay safe and healthy until all this is over!!

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