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Introducing our In-House Brand, Aroma Vibes!!!

Relax and enjoy the flickering glow and a warm blend of spice and vanilla with this highly fragranced 22oz jar candle.
Great for easing the tensions of the day.
Scent Lends itself to wonderful relaxation therapy or yoga/meditation. 
A creamy hue easily blends with your décor.

Product dimensions: 3.93"L x 3.93"W x 7.0"H
Product weight: 2.5 lb
Material: Natural Wax Blend
End-use Location: Indoor
True color: Warm white
Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable items


* A spicy and sweet vanilla blend
* Clear glass jar with themed label design
* A clear glass lid with a built-in seal for convenient storage and to seal in the scent
* Creamy beige wax hue
* Made in the USA

Aroma Vibes Scented Candle - Spiced Vanilla 22oz

SKU: 021420220
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