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Tape off the Zombie Zone within your Haunted House for Halloween and warn those who dare to enter! 
Create a real spooky scene when you add this scary Zombie Zone caution tape to your Halloween dispaly this October 31st!
CAUTION AHEAD.....ZOMBIE ZONE...Beware, if you dare to enter, 
there are Zombies ahead so be prepared. 
this bright orange zombie zone caution tape is the perfect Halloween decoration to cordon off your spooky haunted house display this October 31st.
Orange Zombie Caution Tape Description:
Zombie tape made from orange and black soft plastic tape with 'ZOMBIE ZONE' writen across the length of the tape.
Caution tape features black printed stripes and skulls in between each set of words.
Tape is approximately 9.14 metres (30 ft.) in length.

UPC: 639277540836

SKU: 154083

Halloween Fright Tape - Zombie Zone - Orange Caution Tape

SKU: 154083
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