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This lovely 2x18x1-in. sign is appropriate to have displayed as a part of your decor every day of the year, not just Valentine's Day. 
The sign is a joy to view over doorways, on shelves, on mantels, on pass-thru window shelves, in hutches, and anywhere you find a space to add a little bit of love's wisdom. 
Every time a reader sees the sign, they will recite the words in their head. 
An excellent message to repeat to yourself and to others. 
This will make a great gift and is an excellent addition to party decorations.

Details: 2x18x1-in. 
Valentine's Sentiment Sign 
Material: MDF
Length: 2 in. Width: 18 in. Height: 1 in.
SKU: 322918
UPC: 195464104804

Valentine's Sentiment Sign

SKU: 322918
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